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Coby Walker, a Chattanooga native and Marine Corps veteran, discovered his passion for music singing “It’s your love” by Tim McGraw at the age of 4. He began his first performances entertaining his comrades in the Marine Corps. Upon returning home, he graced the stages of various Chattanooga venues, marking his debut at Westbound Honky Tonk. With a songwriting journey spanning eight years, Coby is set to release his much-anticipated debut album by the end of 2024.


Gavin Nesbitt, a 26 year old singer/songwriter based out of Calhoun Ga, is new to the music industry but has his sights set on doing it full time. He comes from a family of singers and always loved to do it but what got him interested in a music career was in 2020, a random video posted on tik tok under a pontoon boat singing Morgan Wallen’s “Heartless” went viral, and the huge response from people all around the world telling him to pursue a career in music. He began practicing the guitar and playing for friends and family until making his 1st debut show at Westbound Honky Tonk early last year, Where he has since played several shows there and made other debuts around Ga. Gavin has big plans for a lot of upcoming shows and even hopes on releasing his first ever Single early this year!


Rowdy Henson

Rowdy Henson, a Ringgold native who loves nothing more than writing silly love songs, playing his trusty Gibson and drinking an ice cold Natural Light. Rowdy started playing and truly fell in love with music after hearing AC/DC in the back of his mom’s car when he was a small boy. He started playing the Bar Scene in Chattanooga at 17 years old and hasn’t slowed down since. You can catch him playing multiple shows a week around town doing all request sets. When not gigging solo, you can find him playing lead guitar with his friends in the Rough and Rowdy Band. He is currently working on a 4 song EP that is set to release in 2024!

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